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  • watering-can-planter country garden

    Watering Can Planter

    A fantastic and characterful planter

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  • English country garden vintage watering can side

    Vintage Watering Can

    Charming Watering Can

    Ready for work

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  • characterful vintage wooden step ladder back

    Vintage wooden step ladder

    Good used & characterful condition

    42″ high and 14″ wide

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  • presentation-boards decorative presentation board cows

    Presentation Boards

    Food and child safe. Wipeable

    Recycled wood

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  • Out of stock shumatsu-secateurs Japanese secateurs

    Niwaki Shumatsu Secateurs

    All day – all round garden pruning

    Aluminium dimpled handled

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  • Niwaki Japanese Secateurs Single Holster

    Niwaki Single Holster

    Niwaki Secateurs must have accessary

    Tough and natural 3.5mm leather

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  • Out of stock hori-hori Japanese garden trowel

    Niwaki Hori Hori Japanese Trowel

    The All-Mighty Japanese Hori Hori

    Fantastic weeding trowel, bulb planter and versatile gardening tool

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  • Out of stock sentei-ecateurs Japanese secateurs

    Niwaki Sentei Secateurs

    Fantastic all round – light gardening

    Amazing introduction to Japanese secateurs

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  • border-edging

    Barrel Band Border Egding

    Steel Barrel Band Border Edging

    Stunning results

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  • barrel-tap

    Antique 8″ Barrel Tap

    Very characterful

    Slender 2.5″ spout

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  • antique-barrel-tap-spigot

    9″ Brass Barrel Tap

    Beautiful 9″ Brass Barrel Tap

    Perfect as decorative piece or as part of water feature

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  • brass-barrel-tap-spigot

    Antique Brass Barrel Tap – Gaskell London

    7.5″ Antique Barrel Tap

    Branded Gaskell London

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