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My name is Simon and I recently set up my new business in Sherborne, Dorset. I’m very proud to have won New Business of the Year 2023 and came 2024 Runner Up in the local business awards. I have spent the last two years trading at various local markets and shows researching my niche, which I have come to understand well. I have the ethos of high-quality, hand-crafted and English made or sourced products, with the intention of encompassing a range of traditional English trades, catering¬† for country gardens and estates.

The business started from home in Sherborne, after a long-term customer and friend, who has a picture postcard white thatched cottage and country garden asked if I could get hold of some whisky barrel planters. I was also keen for some planters myself to repot my acers and roses, so we went in on a large batch together. I sold the few that were leftover on social media, which went much quicker than expected so brought some more. Once supplying half whisky barrels, I was asked for a whole barrel, then a water butt and so on, and so Sherborne Country Gardens was born.

I have since grown the business to offer much more and traded at the Sherborne Market through 2022 and 2023, where I had a resident pitch in Pageant Gardens. I also traded at many other local shows last year including the Sherborne Castle Country Fair, The Oak Fair and many more.

I feel I have now honed the aesthetics of the business and have great plans going forward. I’m very fortunate to obtain the name English Country Gardens Ltd and the domain My web designer and I are busy reinventing our website, which will soon offer an extensive selection of hand-picked, high quality and reputable brands for nation wide delivery. These will include everything from garden tools and machinery, planters, plant supports to garden furniture, garden pods, green houses and shepherds huts. I am very ambitious with this new side of the business, the goal being to become the most prestigious country and estate gardening retail business in the UK.

I love the outdoors, my garden and am a great believer in reusing renewable, sustainable or existing resources. I have found this to be much more enjoyable than my previous line of work, so made the decision to run with English Country Gardens and see where it may lead.

I still use my customers garden as a bench mark, in that if I can picture it there, I would be interested in stocking it.

Our Business

What We Do

We supply traditionally made, English products, using natural and sustainable materials wherever we can, and only do business with other companies that share our ethos.

We avoid plastic as best as possible and aim for zero waste.

We are working towards building a fantastic range of high quality pieces that we be available for nation wide delivery.

Watch this space

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Our Products

  • half whisky barrel planter

    Half Oak Whisky Barrel

    Half Oak Whisky Barrel – perfect as a planter, water feature or wildlife pond

    Approximately 44cm high and 63cm at their widest.

    £45.00 Add to cart
  • three-quarter whisky barrel planter

    Three-Quarter Oak Whisky Barrel

    Three-Quarter Oak Whisky Barrel – perfect as a planter, water feature or deeper wildlife pond

    Approximately 664cm high and 63cm at their widest.

    £69.00 Add to cart
  • whisky barrel stave table lamp

    Stave Table Lamp

    Beautifully hand-crafted oak whisky barrel stave lamp

    £145.00 Add to cart
  • Out of stock sentei-ecateurs Japanese secateurs

    Niwaki Sentei Secateurs

    Fantastic all round – light gardening

    Amazing introduction to Japanese secateurs

    £39.00 Read more
  • Out of stock hori-hori Japanese garden trowel

    Niwaki Hori Hori Japanese Trowel

    The All-Mighty Japanese Hori Hori

    Fantastic weeding trowel, bulb planter and versatile gardening tool

    £32.00 Read more
  • Niwaki Japanese Secateurs Single Holster

    Niwaki Single Holster

    Niwaki Secateurs must have accessary

    Tough and natural 3.5mm leather

    £24.00 Add to cart