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Barrel Taps

Barrel Taps

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  • barrel-tap

    Antique 8″ Barrel Tap

    Very characterful

    Slender 2.5″ spout

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  • antique-barrel-tap-spigot

    9″ Brass Barrel Tap

    Beautiful 9″ Brass Barrel Tap

    Perfect as decorative piece or as part of water feature

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  • brass-barrel-tap-spigot

    Antique Brass Barrel Tap – Gaskell London

    7.5″ Antique Barrel Tap

    Branded Gaskell London

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  • antique-barrel-tap-spigot

    Antique Brass Barrel Tap

    8″ Brass Barrel Tap

    Decorative Piece or Upcycle as part of a water feature

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  • Brass tap with key

    Antique Brass Barrel Tap Spigot with Key

    Beautiful 6.5″ brass tap

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